Developer Bridges Green Gap Between City, Schools

With little ground left to build on, developers are looking to the skies and the city’s schools for new space. NY1’s Tara Lynn Wagner filed the following report.

The southwest corner of 57th and Second Avenue is dominated by two low lying buildings — PS 59 and the High School of Art and Design. Above the schools, blue skies that had developers seeing the potential for green.

“In a certain sense, it was like a missing tooth in the development of the Upper East Side,” said David Lowenfeld, Executive Vice President, World-Wide Holdings.

In order to unlock that space, the World-Wide Group teamed up with the city in a deal that includes three new public schools. The first is the new PS 59 located a few blocks away. The school went from being a green building to a green building in record time, by converting a former nurses residence with an eye toward energy efficiency and sustainability.

By: Tara Lynn Wagner

NY1, January 16, 2009