PS 59 Rooftop and Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture

by John Hill

In my previous Request for Buildings (RFB) for my Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture — to be published by W. W. Norton next year — I asked for help from readers to determine what projects should be included in the book. One project type that I was not going to consider was rooftops. Well, I’ve changed my mind and will be including some rooftops in the book, in particular ones that are visible from below. Examples would be residential constructions but also institutional and other types of buildings, like this rooftop enclosure for Public School 59 on the Upper East Side by Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects:

So do you know of any interesting rooftop additions/renovations completed since 2000 that are visible from the street? Ones that are particularly interesting formally but also in how they interact with their “hosts” below? If you’d like to send me a rooftop project you think is guidebook worthy, please copy and paste the information below into an e-mail to me, filling in as many blanks as possible:

Project: ______
Architect: ______
Location: ______
Year of completion: 20__

Thank you!

A Daily Dose of Architecture, April 29, 2010